Alex Sandor is an American soccer player currently playing for AFC Beercelona. A cultured playmaker, adept with both feet, Sandor is a classy footballer with exceptional technique in the mould of a young Glenn Hoddle. 

Early Life Edit


Beercelona Edit

Sandor was signed at the back end of Season Three, making his debut in the last game of the season, a 4-0 El Classico win against Red Bulls.

The next season saw him manage five starts, bagging his first goal against America on June 7th. He played especially well as the foil to David Slocum, whom he set up for 4 of his 6 goals that year.

Sadly, Sandor's fifth season was blighted by a serious ankle injury just as he was hitting his stride. He played five games and managed two goals before being sidelined. The injury required in depth treatment and he missed the rest of the campaign and also missed over half of the sixth season. Nevertheless Hannah was adamant that he wouldn't be letting Sandor leave, stressing that the chance to field a fit-again Sandor was well worth taking a chance over.

Player Statistics Edit

P G Mom
Season 3 1 0
Season 4 5 1 1
Season 5 5 2 1
Season 6 0 0 0
Total 11 3 2
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