The following is a list of Beercelona team and player all-time records.

Team Records Edit

Biggest Win: 9-2 Win vs Chivas Season Seven

Biggest Defeat: 9-1 vs Sangre Azteca 10/14/15 Season One


Beercelona recording their largest ever League win against Farfrom Athletic.

Highest Scoring Game: 9-2 Win vs Chivas Season Seven

Highest League Finish: 4th Season Five

Most Points in a Season: 16 Season Seven

Highest Scoring Season: 35 Season Five

Most Clean Sheets in a Season: 4 Season Five

Longest Run Without Losing: 5 games - 22/12/16 Season 5 to 1/18/17 Season 6

Longest Run Without Winning: 12 10/13/15 Season 1 to 1/20/16 Season 2

Player Records Edit

Top Scorer: David Slocum 23

Highest Goal to Game Ratio (must have played over ten games) - Ryan Buczman

Most Appearances: Peter Hannah 61

Most Goals in a game: David Sergison 4 - V Sangre Azteca 2016, Matthew gibson 4 v Chivas 2017

Most Goals in a Season: Matthew Gibson - 15 (Season 7)

Worst Discipline: Chris Walsh (4 blue cards, 1 yellow card)

Most Red Cards: Connor Hall - 1

Longest Serving Players Edit

The following players have played in all seven of the Beercelona Regular Seasons.

Stephen Squibbs

Peter Hannah

Gavin Webber

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