The Third Beercelona season is notable as the first in which they donned the now famous Green and Gold strip. Played in the heat of the Florida summer it was a grueling affair that pushed the players (who yield mainly from the British Isles and Northern States of America) to their physical limits. Nevertheless they were able to register more wins and points than the season before, aswell as improving their defensive record.

History Edit

The squad that started the season was very different to the one that ended it. Die hard fans still look to the starting team as one of the best that ever wore the jersey, with many now firmly established in the pantheon of club legends. In truth, before contracts started ending a few games into the season the team played some of it's best ever football and recorded some of it's finest results. Following the departure of Elliot (arguably the finest defender) and Sergison (in a very rich vein of goalscoring form that season) the team struggled at both ends for a while before regaining some poise and momentum towards the back end. The defense was solid in the main though and only conceded more than three goals on one occasion (Tigre's).

Roster Edit

Stephen Squibbs Gavin Webber David Sergison
Peter Hannah Leon Elliot Conor Murdoch
Andrew Butt Connor Hall Mackenzie Sanborn
Ryan Buczman Joe Hart David Slocum
Paul Joseph Ben Unyolo Alex Sandor

Transfers Edit


David Slocum

Alex Sandor

Joe Hart

Paul Joseph


Leon Elliot

David Sergison

Conor Murdoch

Andrew Butt


Rick Houlihan

Robbie Mateer

Ryan Buczman


P W L D F A GD Pts Pos
Beercelona 14 5 8 1 22 27 -5 11 7th

Results Edit

Beercelona 4 0 Sangre Aztecas
Beercelona 2 0 Aztecas
Beercelona 0 2 America
Beercelona 1 2 International
Beercelona 1 4 Tigres
Beercelona 1 3 PSG Mex
Beercelona 1 1 Red Bulls
Beercelona 3 2 Sangre Aztecas
Beercelona 2 3 Aztecas
Beercelona 2 1 America
Beercelona 1 3 International
Beercelona 0 2 Tigres
Beercelona 0 3 PSG Mex
Beercelona 4 0 Red Bulls

Player Statistics

P G Mom Awards
David Sergison 5 5 1 Top Scorer
Joe Hart 8 5 2
Andrew Butt 12 3 1
Peter Hannah* 14 2 1
Gavin Webber* 13 0 0
Stephen Squibbs* 8 0 1
Mackenzie Sanborn* 12 0 1 POY
Connor Hall 7 1 0 Goal of the Season
Conor Murdoch 6 2 2
Paul Joseph 5 2 1
Ben Unyolo 1 0 0
Ryan Buczman 1 0 0
Rick Houlihan 2 1 0
Robbie Mateer 1 1 0

*denotes active player

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