The Fourth Season for Beercelona was marred by inconsistency. At times brilliant and at times woeful the results told a story of a team learning to gel, getting over the hangover of the players they lost and stepping out of their shadows to forge their own way. It was a season of rebuilding, welcoming back Hall from injury, welcoming two new full timers and enlisting the help of a gradate from the Academy for the first time in almost a a season and a half. To aid with the transition Hannah was abe to call upon Leon Elliot and Andrew Butt on short term loans.

History Edit

After losing players and staring down the barrel of more short term contract issues in the upcoming season manager Peter Hannah brought in David Slocum and Alex Sandor to try to create some long term stability. Both signings were a great success, with Sandor a constant box-to-box presence and Slocum a keen attacking threat that saw him collect the player and goal of the season gongs. Defensively the team continued to look solid although there was a more attacking bent to their play which resulted in both higher scoring victories and worse losses than the season before. Such inconsistency led to them attaining ten points and finishing in the same position as the season before rather than improving all that much. Teenager Paul Joseph won the goal of the season award with a thunderous left footed half volley from distance. Matthew Gibson burst forth from the academy and gave fans a glimpse of the player he would grow into in the following season.

Roster Edit

Gavin Webber Stephen Squibbs Peter Hannah
David Slocum Alex Sandor Mackenzie Sanborn
Joe Hart Paul Joseph Connor Hall
Diego Cordero Matt Gibson

Transfers Edit


Matthew Gibson

Diego Cordero


Diego Cordero

Joe Hart


Leon Elliot

Dave Russell

Andrew Butt

Martyn Arthur


P W L D F A GD Pts Pos
Beercelona 14 4 8 2 24 33 -9 10 7th

Results Edit

Beercelona 1 5 Sangre Aztecas
Beerceona 2 3 Aztecas
Beercelona 1 2 America
Beercelona 0 6 International
Beercelona 5 0 Denn Jonn FC
Beercelona 0 0 Psg Mex
Beercelona 3 1 red Bulls
Beercelona 2 2 Sangre Aztecas
Beercelona 0 4 Azteca
Beercelona 1 0 America
Beercelona 1 2 International
Beercelona CANCELLED
Beercelona 2 6 Psg Mex
Beercelona 6 2 Red Bulls

Player Statistics Edit

P G Mom Awards
Stephen Squibbs 7 0 0
Peter Hannah 12 2 1
Mackenzie Sanborn 8 0 1
Alex Sandor 6 1 1
David Slocum 12 6 3
Joe Hart 3 0 0
Paul Joseph 7 2 1
Connor Hall 6 1 2
Matthew Gibson 2 0 0
Diego Cordero 2 2 0
Leon Elliot 3 0 0
Andrew Butt 1 0 0
Dave Russell 1 0 0
Martyn Arthur 1 0 0
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