Chris Walsh (b 1993) is an English football player who currently plays as a central midfielder for Beercelona. From his humble beginnings in Warrington he has grown to become instrumental to the team, where he is employed in a central midfield berth. Equally adept going forward and defending Walsh has been touted as a future Legend and was labelled by Sunderland ace Niall Quinn as one of the most promising players of his generation.

Early Life Edit


Beercelona Edit

Walsh made his competitive debut for Beercelona in a 2-0 win over America on October 12th 2016. He scored his first league goal two weeks later in a 4-4 draw with Billy's Boys. He went on to play 9 games that term, establishing himself firmly as the engine room of the team and pitching in with four goals.

The next season saw Walsh start the first five games, where he netted three times. His foraging runs and tirelessness was instrumental in the high intensity football the team began to play. Manager Hannah was especially enthusiastic about Walsh's development, saying, "if you look at the great teams, they always had that midfield engine, that player who could change games by himself and be relied upon to raise the rest of his players by example alone, Viera, Keane, Gerrard, Toure. In Walsh, that's what we're looking at."

Discipline Edit

Walsh is a master of the Didi Hamman style cynical foul, the ultimate drag a man back to allow your team to regroup infraction. Sadly, in the league he plays this has led to multiple Blue Cards. He has also received a yellow card for dissent towards the ref.

The Ten Shot Throwdown Edit

Walsh was one of four players involved in the infamous Ten Shot Throwdown, held at Ba on the night of October 12th 2016. Walsh finished ten random, horrible shots although he failed to keep them in and ralfed all over the road when almost home.

Player Statistics Edit

P G Mom
Season Five 9 4 2
Season Six 6 3 1
Season Seven 6 1
Total 21 8 3
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