Conor Murdoch is an Irish midfielder who played for Beercelona between November 2015 and June 2016. Though dogged by a long term injury he was a classy player on the ball and a dogged competitor off it. He is a part of the Class of 2015.

Early Life Edit


Beercelona Edit

Murdoch was a product of the famous Epcot Rose and Crown Academy, coming through the ranks a few weeks after fellow graduates Elliot, Buczman, Butt, Hall and Sergison. His first game on November 25th also saw his first goals, a double strike against Azteca. Leading into the second season fans were bouyant and thought that the future of the team looked bright with Murdoch in it.

Sadly fate had a different plan. During the first game os season two what was supposed to be a glorious coming of age for the team became a nightmare, with four players falling afoul of injury, the worst of which to Murdoch who tore his ankle ligaments. He was restricted to just one more bit part performance throughout that entire campaign as a result.

He was back a few games into season three though and was quick to show the fans what they had missed, scoring two goals against America and stealing the show in a 2-1 win. Despite missing games through injury he was a fan favorite and it was no surprise to see him elected into the Hall of Fame after his last game on June 8th.

Player Statistics Edit

A G Mom
Season 1 2 3 1
Season 2 2 0 0
Season 3 6 2 2
Total 10 5 3
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