Gavin Webber (1978) is a Welsh footballer currently playing as a defender for Beercelona. A no nonsense work-horse Webber has been part of Beercelona since it's inception, playing in the first game and experiencing the highs and lows of the franchise.

Early life Edit

Webber honed his craft on the streets of Cardiff in the 1980s, watching his beloved Bluebirds on the weekend when he wasn't setting the youth leagues of South Wales alight.

After moving to the USA Webber moved into coaching and bit-part player roles from 2000-2015 before the Beercelona call came.

Beercelona Edit

Webber was Beercelona's first official signing in October 2015. He has played for the team since their inception making him one of the longest serving players in the teams history. After the first season he was awarded the Player's Player of the Year award.

Webber is a cultured center back who has forged partnerships with many players over the years. He is an every present, very resolute and has been an exceptionally dependable and cool head at the back, missing only three games in the first three seasons.

The summer of 2016 saw him on International duty, but he came back stronger in the autumn, where marathon training and cooler weather saw him look leaner and fitter than ever before.

Though he has never scored an official team goal he scored his first Cervezelona goal on March 2nd.

Personal life Edit

Webber is married and has two children. He is an avid Orlando City fan and can regularly be seen at games. He I also a keen lover of the Theatrical Arts.

Career Statistics

A G Mom Awards
Season 1 10 0 2 Player's POS
Season 2 9 0 0
Season 3 13 0 0
Season 4 5 0 0
Season 5 12 0 1
Season 6 8 0 0
Season 7 8 1 0
Total 59 1 3

Honors: Player's Player of the Year 2015

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