Paul Joseph is an English Footballer from Bolton, England who last played for Beercelona. A speedy winger, Joseph is reknowned for his dribbling and for his goal of the season strike in season four.

Early Life Edit

Beercelona Edit

Joseph was scouted by Joe Hart at the Epcot Academy and drafted into the team for the third season match-up against PSG Mex on April 20th 2016. He scored his first goals two weeks later, a brace against Sangre Azteca in a 3-2 win. That season he finished with 2 goals in five starts. He matched that goal tally the year after, scoring 2 in seven including a goal of the season winning left-footed volley.

The remainder of his career saw him operate in a wider berth, but with no real target man to aim at he was less effective than in earlier seasons where he paired up with Hart to lethal effect. Nevertheless he managed an impressive 22 appearances before departing after the Azteca game on February 8th 2017. He is expected to be announced as a Hall of Famer upon the completion of the sixth season.

Player Statistics Edit

P G Mom Awards
Season 3 5 2 1
Season 4 7 2 1 GOS
Season 5 7 0 0
Season 6 3 0 0
Total 22 4 2
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