Stephen Squibbs (1982) is a goalkeeper and occasional sweeper, currently playing for Beercelona in the Four Corners Leisure League Division Two. Squibbs has played both between the sticks and outfield, but later in his career has been fundamentally a Keeper. His exploits in the latter seasons have led to a plethora of accolades and awards from various sources who have praised both his agility as a keeper and distribution with the ball at his feet in his his hands. He is one of three players to have played in all six seasons so far.

Early Life Edit


Beercelona Edit

Squibbs made his Beercelona debut as a defender in the team's first game against Sangre Azteca. Since then he has played outfield a few times but is usually deployed as a keeper. He is good with both feet and has an impressive throw that allows the team to shift from defense to attack very quickly.

Like a fine wine he has gotten better and better as time has gone on. In the fifth season he won the team points virtually sindle-handedly with his performances, winning not only the Beercelona Player of the Year award but also the League's Best Goalkeeper Award. This was in no-small part due to the league rules allowing him to come out of his area to take part in active play more. Though a huge fan of Bodo Ilgner, it is another german Keeper, the sweeper-keeper Manuel Neur that he is more often compared to.

Player Statistics Edit

Season One 10 1 0
Season Two 7 0 1
Season Three 8 0 1
Season Four 7 0 0
Season Five 10 1 1 POS
Season Six 5 0 0
Season Seven 7 0 0
Total 54 2 3

Honors: 2017 Division Two Championship

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