The Ten Shot Throwdown was the Brainchild of Beercelona players Peter Hannah and Connor Hall. An endurance game in every sense of the word it involved drinking ten tough shots within the space of a ninety minute period. Four players took up the challenge, Hall, Matthew Gibson, Chris Walsh and Paul Joseph. It was moderated by Hannah and witnessed by Mackenzie Sanborn.

History Edit


Shots Edit

no Name Ingredients
2 Baby Guiness Patron Cafe, Baileys
3 Period Blood Fireball & Bloody Mary Mix
4 Flatliner Vodka, Tequila, Tobasco
5 Ginana Gin, Creme de Banana
6 Four Horsemen Jack, Jim Beam, Jameson, Johnnie Walker
7 Liquid Cocaine Rumpleminz, Goldschlager, Jäger, 151 Rum
8 Grand Marnier Grand Marnier

Competitor history and Aftermath Edit

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