The Beercelona christmas bonanza was an end of season awards ceremony to rival all others. It was the inaugural awards ceremony taking place at the Beercelona long serving goalkeepers house in downtown Orlando.

The following awards were given out:Top Goal Scorer - Ryan Buczman

Player of the Year - Andy Butt

Goal of the Season - Leon Elliot

Fans Player of the Year - Gavin Webber

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Butt and Elliot celebrate their awards

After the awards and the speeches this is when the debauchery began with the whole squad heading on a night out to downtown Orlando into the official after party venue, Independant Bar (Ibar more commonly known). From then on the night became a particular hazy mess with nobody quite sure what happened, with rumours of a video of the night being filmed circulating the internet, which had the potential to get the stars and manager into hot water. What we do know is that fans, players and manager had a cracking night and celebrated what it is to be a Beercelona player with no team matching an award ceremony quite like Beercelona's first.

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The season 1 squad from left to right: Squibbs, Butt, Buczman, Webber, Elliot, Hannah, Hall, Sergison

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